Binge-watching is killing me

The problem isn't Facebook, or any social networking site for that matter.  It isn't blogging, no matter how much I wish I did that more than I do now.  The issue also isn't Reddit, shockingly.  The problem is Netflix.  The problem is the most recent productivity-killer, binge-watching.

I recently went through all eight seasons of Dexter at blinding speed, and of course, my productivity took a massive hit.  My thought process was that if I went ahead and finished Dexter, I could be productive again. This gave me the justification to spend most of my time watching the murderous show. No more commercials, and no more waiting a week for the next episode.  You can watch an entire series, click after click after click.  

TV is changing, the way we watch TV is changing, and the way TV is delivered to us is changing.  Not only can I watch old shows that have already had their run, but I can watch new content without waiting week by week.  House of Cards and the newest season of Arrested Development showed me something about myself, that, when given the option, I just don't know when to quit.

I love television shows and movies, and now I can watch whatever I want for $7.99 a month.  I get to find movie gems that I hadn't seen before, and as someone who loves watching movies and talking about movies, it is one of the most amazing developments of the technological revolution.  But I just CAN'T GET ANYTHING DONE.

I watched Netflix yesterday, I watched it this morning, and I'm watching it right now.  It's so much worse than the bored channel changing of cable, because I can always find something that interests me. I have tons of homework, but I have a queue of movies that I want to watch and write about.  

How do you discipline yourself in 2014? I don't want to deactivate my account, because it is something great to have in your free time.  If I completely get rid of Netflix, I will surely find something else that will waste my time just as much.  I clearly have a problem, not one too foreign to many people nowadays.  I'm actively not getting into any new shows, but how long will that last?