The Avengers 2 trailer was fantastic, but I'm still not sold

*This blog post does contain spoilers to Iron Man 3, Avengers, and the Avengers 2 trailer*

The title seems click-baity and weird, especially since I absolutely loved Avengers and the vast majority of the Marvel Cinema Universe films.  If you've followed my blog over the past couple years however, there's one Marvel movie that makes me furious to think about: Iron Man 3. 

You know why? The trailer was incredible, and totally hinted at a deeper, darker direction for my favorite Marvel character.  It had dramatic narration, and the appearance that the arrogant billionaire, Tony Stark had lost everything at the hands of a terrorist played by Ben Kingsley.  

Due to my love for Iron Man and Tony Stark as a character, I was highly disappointed by the end product.  The movie was riddled with uncomfortably frequent humor, failed to fulfill the promise of a great villain, and really didn't strip Stark of all his riches, just his suits (kind of).  Ben Kingsley's talents were wasted on a goofy character who was an actor pretending to be a villain, not the terrorist we saw in the trailer.  The writers attempted a twist that resulted in the plot being based around Guy Pierce's vendetta against Stark (and eco-terrorism?).  In regards to the plot, it was all over the place, trying to bring an almost noir feel that just didn't work.  

If Iron Man 3 gave us what the trailer promised, it would have been awesome, however the writers just didn't have the restraint to leave out some humor in exchange for something actually a little dark.  All the one-liners and jokes between characters lighten the mood, making the situation far less weighty, yet Stark has panic attacks after the events in New York in Avengers.  Marvel was a little better at balancing serious with funny in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, so maybe Avengers: Age of Ultron will be all it says it will.

I will hand it to Marvel; they know how to make a damn good trailer.  The James Spader-voiced Ultron gave me chills in the last couple seconds of the trailer, as did the Iron Man vs. Hulk smackdown.  I think the movie will be great, and even Iron Man 3 wasn't bad film, just not nearly to the standard of other films in the Marvel Cinema Universe.  

Speaking of which, here is my list of the Marvel movies from best to worst (if you were curious):

Guardians of the Galaxy


Iron Man

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Iron Man 2

Thor: The Dark World


The Incredible Hulk

Captain America: The First Avenger

Iron Man 3

Thanks for reading my rant.