Upgrade (gear for sale!) *updated*

I hate talking about cameras and camera gear.  Getting lost in specs is a slippery slope into a world that is difficult to escape, and by the time you get out, you will have no friends.  Specs, most of the time, get so specific that they don't actually even matter.  People have asked what kind of camera I used to get a particular photo, and for some of my shots, I don't even remember.  All I care about is getting a good photo.

That said, there is a point where you hit a wall.  A full-frame camera does make a huge difference, especially when you're taking photos at events or on the fly.  In low light, my D7000 suffers.  When a flash isn't appropriate, I have to bump up the ISO, which can result in grainy photos.  When I get to the point where I can't produce a good photo because of my camera's limits, I then can make the case for getting a new one.  All of my gear is about 4 years old, and I've been mainly using kit lenses and primes to get by.  I have finally hit the limits of the great camera that is a D7000, so the upgrade is nigh.

You know what that means?  I have some stuff for sale.  (forgive the photos, I'm on vacation so I'm using my iPhone)

Nikkor 18-105mm wide angle $230

Nikkor 55-200mm zoom lens $100

Rokinon 8mm Fisheye $230

I'll add more stuff when I get home from Spring Break, but for now, contact me for info on prices. You can contact me in the Contact section of my website, tweet me (@wheelmalone), or message me on my Facebook page, Will Malone Photography.  I'd prefer local sales to avoid shipping costs, but we can figure something out.