Will Malone's Movie Watchlist

The summer movie season is upon us, and as many of you know, I spend my summer watching them, good or bad.  Last summer's setlist was honestly, pretty disappointing.  Here are the movies I'm looking forward to and maybe you should too.  It's mainly superhero movies unfortunately, but they can still be pretty entertaining nonetheless.

Godzilla (May 16)

It's no secret that Godzilla has had a rough go in North America with the horrible 1998 version featuring Ferris Bueller.  In 2014, the monsters are bigger, classic looking, and ultimate disaster is eminent.  Also, Bryan Cranston is in it, which after Breaking Bad, only gives me the utmost respect for that man.  The trailer was fantastically done, so everything looks right for now.   

X-men Days of Future Past (May 23)

The X-men series has kind of gone on forever, and even the most recent Wolverine wasn't super stellar.  It was the after-credits scene that really made this new X-men story exciting.  The past universe of X-men First Class collides with the "present" characters of the original films.  It all looks pretty exciting, but I'm still partially skeptical.  We'll just have to see.  Oh, and Peter Dinklage.

Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1)

I know almost nothing about the comic book history of the Guardians of the Galaxy, in fact, I hadn't heard of it before the trailer release.  With such an interesting cast, Bradley Cooper, Christ Pratt, Vin Diesel, and Zoe Saldana, it's hard to ignore.  Also, it's supposed to intertwine with Avengers 2, coming out in 2015.

Edge of Tomorrow (June 6)

Last year, I was pretty impressed and surprised by Oblivion.  It had its problems, but was a pretty beautiful and impressive movie all around.  The Edge of Tomorrow looks to be a similar level of impressiveness, with an interesting story, awesome visuals, and the fact that it looks like a scifi version of Groundhog Day on steroids.