Back to the basics

Today Anna and I went on a hike.  I decided to bring the big camera, and just take photos of the woods.  I've had a distaste for woodsy landscapes in the past due to the web being saturated by so many more interesting types of photos.  I did some basic photos of the trees and focused on the greens and sunlight piercing through the leaves.  Not much editing required, just a little dodging.  It was calming and fun. 


I took a couple weird ones as well.

(Day 196/365)

(Day 196/365)


I'm working through the hardship of taking interesting photos in places I'm surrounded by every day.  It was easy to take photos in Hawaii, but now I'm home so it's wholly up to me to take good photos despite seeing the same pond over and over.  This is part of my secret (I guess not anymore) project to take regular photo walks where I live this summer.  It can help the 365 and become a portfolio booster, but overall, it keeps the creative juices flowing.