What's in your bag? #throwbackthursday edition

What's in your bag? segments aren't a new thing on the internet.  There are even Flickr groups that are dedicated to users showing off what they carry.  They are fun and show a glimpse into a person's mind and daily goings-on through their bag of valuable treasures.  I've always loved looking through them, maybe because I'm nosy or due to my fascination with bags.  I've done a segment like this before, but my day to day routine, and daily equipment has changed quite a bit.   

Day 113/365 (365 Season 2) 

Day 113/365 (365 Season 2) 

The above photo was taken in September 2012 during the beginning of my Junior year of college.  What I carried is thus (word for word what I posted in 2012):

Timbuktu D-lux Racing Stripe Messenger Bag (best bag I’ve owned)
Macbook Charger (takes up tons of space)
Macbook Pro 13″ (portable and powerful, had it as spec’d out as I could get it)
Blue notebook (for academic notetaking, a caveman’s Macbook)
Cheapo Sony Earbuds (way better than stock Apple earbuds)
G2 pen for my pocket
Eclipse Gum (only way to fight my bad coffee breath)
Way too many pens (Be Prepared is the Boy Scout slogan)
Keys (so I may access various passage ways and start up the Silver Steed)
8 GB Thumbdrive
Wallet (for spending money like it’s going out of style)
iPhone 4 (will hopefully be upgraded soon)
Red Moleskine (for photo ideas, story ideas, lists, bad handwriting, and scribbles)
Moleskine Datebook (for keeping track of basically everything my mind can’t. I can’t stand using online calendars)
Stasis Moleskine (notebook dedicated to the creation of “Stasis”, my latest project)

That Timbuk2 bag was great, but my car being as crappy as it was leaked brake fluid or something all over it and ruined it.  I then went back to my Jack Bauer Olive canvas messenger from freshman year, then got a leather messenger for that Christmas (which i recently upgraded).  I need to post my daily bag evolution at some point.  Anyway, there's not a thing on that photo I still carry. (Aside from the pens and USB drive).  Now I'm out of college and have a whole new routine, bag, gear, and life, so it's fun to get a deeper look at the things I carried back then.  It reminds me who I was and what I did day to day back then.  

I had so much less responsibility back then, it's funny how "productive" I felt  ; )