What's in your bag? 2014 edition

What's in your bag? segments aren't a new thing on the internet.  There are even Flickr groups that are dedicated to users showing off what they carry.  They are fun and show a glimpse into a person's mind and daily goings-on through their bag of valuable treasures.  I've always loved looking through them, maybe because I'm nosy or due to my fascination with bags.  I've done a segment like this before, but my day to day routine, and daily equipment has changed quite a bit.   

As I said in What's in your bag? #throwbackthursday edition, my day to day tools have changed quite a bit.  Now, I'm not a student, so I actually have some things that are important for my photography career, and just getting through my day.  


From left to right:

Western Digital 1TB external hardrive

Western Digital 500GB Passport (my Time Machine backup)

Jetstream Pen (my Mom always has the best pens, she's my supplier)

Moleskine notebook (for ideas and artist stuff)

Two fold wallet (given to me by my wife)

Swiss Army Knife (an essential, carry this everywhere)

Keys (I have too many of them) 

Ray Ban New Wayfarers (my first polarized shades. they are awesome)


iPhone 5 (I was so tempted to upgrade to a 5S, but I'm holding out for the 6)

USB stick (got this from a Communication Design class four years ago)

Art and Fear (current reading)

iPad Air (traded my 4th gen Wifi only iPad for this. A tablet with LTE makes so much more sense)

Fujifilm FP-100c (color film) and Fujifilm FP-3000b (black and white, also discontinued) film for my Polaroid Colorpack II

Polaroid Colorpack II (my current hobby)

Macbook Pro Retina Display 15" (amazingly crisp screen, I can't read text on any other computer screen now)

Copper River Bag (finally got the leather strap for it.  Super spacious and sturdy)

Here's a slideshow of everything up close: