365 roadmap

Yesterday I was thinking about how the 365 is one of the, if not the most important thing, I do in order to stay productive and improve my skills.  I don't see a time where I would be able to ever quit doing 365 projects, because I'm always learning and will be until the day I leave this earth.  

That said, I do want some breaks in between, so I've created this roadmap for the 365 Reloaded moving forward to 365 parts 4 and 5.  I've planned it out almost like the Marvel Cinema Universe plans out Avengers movies. 

If it's hard for you to read, then here's the plan:

365 Reloaded ends in November, and I will have a short hiatus before I begin my next 365 on New Years Day.  Then, I will take another hiatus after the end of that one, and my fifth 365 will start on my 24th birthday.  I'm usually a bit impulsive with the dates so I'm trying to make them a little easier to remember.  

Who knows what could happen in the next two years, or even if I will make it to a 5th 365, but I'm never going to stop producing unless a more powerful force decided to stop me.  (Hopefully not) This is about as much as I'm letting myself plan because that takes away the fun from the 365 (and is near impossible)

So there you have it.