A lot of things can happen in a day

So today started like any day, I went to work and brewed coffee for the many caffeine-deprived first-worlders that demand their daily fix.  Today was pretty busy due to two different things happening: first, there were 4 weddings happening within 10 miles of my coffee shop.  Groups of bridesmaids and groomsman came in ordering an inhuman amount of drinks.  But above that, this weekend is the Thousand Mile Yard Sale.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check it out in the morning, so there wasn't a ton of stuff left. Also, it was raining.  

I took some photos with my new film camera today, a Minolta 7000 with 3 lenses, a flash, and a bunch of rolls of expired film found for $30. (Anna's yard sale score from the first day of this long yard sale event)


It's design is straight out of the 80s.  Everything about it is blocky, and the fonts were probably the same ones used in the movie Robocop.  There are no dials to be found, just arrow buttons. The autofocus motor is incredibly loud, and it being the first autofocus capable SRL, the autofocus is painfully inaccurate.  Today was my first day getting to really shoot with it, hopefully I'll develop the film soon.

On our Thousand Mile Yard Sale trek didn't get us far, but it took me to a place I hadn't been for a while.  4 years ago, when I first started college, my roommate and another friend drove around looking for stuff to take photos of.  What we found was an old car graveyard.  While taking photos, a man walked out and invited us to his garage where he restored classic cars.  He talked to us for a while, and encouraged us to take photos of his stuff.  (Here's some low res photos I took of the property 4 years ago)


Anyway, that same house was having a yard sale today (didn't see the man that was so nice to us unfortunately)  I took some film shots, but got this iPhone photo with my VSCO app of a broken down VW.

For fun, I'm including it in this post for you to download as your iPhone wallpaper.  I sized it so that it should be the perfect dimensions for an iPhone or iPad screen.  

Click Here to Download away!