Beards that need decorating

I would like to try and keep my website up to date with my 365 this time around, so I'll try to remember to post as I go.  Here are the first two portraits so far:

The first one is your basic double exposure selfie, but the second one has a little bit more of a story.  

A couple weeks ago I went to the local art museum where The New York Times had an exhibit.  In the exhibit, a photo of Bill Murray with flowers in his beard.  Of course, this is the perfect photo of Bill Murray, summarizing his personality in one single shot.  


My brother-in-law has a pretty nice beard himself, so I had to put some stuff in it.  It's winter so it's hard to find flowers anywhere, so being festive, we grabbed some ornaments.  









So that's it. Maybe I'll include some more stories about some more notable photographs in my project.  I'm still trying to feel all this out.

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