Holiday polaroids

I've gotten pretty into using my Polaroid Spectra despite the film being pretty pricey.  It's something nice to have over Christmas, because you're able to take snapshots of your family or weird stuff along the way and have a print to hold at the end.

My wife Anna got really into knitting over Christmas, and has almost finished her first scarf.  She's done a really great job, and I can't wait to share some photos of her final product.

This was supposed to be a double exposure portrait for my latest 365 project, but didn't really work out.  It's still kinda cool, with it being an explosion of red flowers.  You would never know a person was in the photo though.

I felt like it rained almost the entire time we were out of town. We had a few nice sunny days, but most of it was gloomy, rainy, and oddly warm.

Anna's crazy dog, Lily

Here's a classic photo of my grandfather holding his Yorkie named Murphy.  She'll only sleep like that on him.

Right before the photo was taken I told everyone to make sure they didn't blink since I only had one shot left.  Sure enough, I was the only one to blink.  I guess that's how it works.