EPISODE 20!!!!!!

Phil Dennis came by the podcast to come talk about his political website, Kerberos Press! No matter your political leanings, we can't ignore the changing political landscape in the US right now with the election about to happen next year.  Phil's passion is politics, so him and some friends started this blog in order to be a positive voice in the political journalism world.  

Politics seem like a bummer, but they are intertwined in everything.  Our movies reflect the existing political views of the time, fashion changes, attitudes change, jobs are affected, etc. The pop culture world we know today is not separate from the political world, despite our aversion to it.  I think it's pretty important that we get involved, educated, and up to date on what our government (the machine that runs this country) is up to these days.

Politics is such a divisive thing today, and I think it's more important than ever that we also gain knowledge of the opposite side.  It's important that liberals read conservative ideas, and conservatives read liberal ideas.  It's so easy to hate on each other and be aggressive and cynical instead of actually listening or laying out your thoughts in an organized way.  

This episode is a bit different from my usual stuff, but I think it's important and I think it definitely is necessary.  Give it a listen, and make sure to subscribe on iTunes!