Effective consumption so you don't waste time

There is nothing new under the sun, therefore to create anything you need some sources.  We all take from different sources, thus our work becomes original and ours.  We are naturally drawn to things certain things depending on who we are, whether that's a good thing or not may show in your work.

Kenneth Burke, my friend, but most recently, contributor to Elite Daily and Lifehack, is coming back to the podcast this week to discuss this topic. (He name-dropped me and our conversation on Episode 11 in an article) 

But, before unpacking what is definitely a difficult topic, I wanted to break down what I mean.  What does "effective consumption" even mean?

As someone who is a hyper-consumer of movies, TV, music, books, video games, podcasts, and other various forms of art, I have recently had to learn that some sifting is needed as to not waste my time.  Here's a preview of a couple ways I've dug up:

Be a fan of things - Like things. I mean really like them.  Really, really like them. If there's an actor you like, watch all of their movies. If you like an artist, listen to all their EPs and first songs. Watch interviews; ask "Why did they make this?" or "What else in the world was going on during this?". Tear things apart. Chances are, if you are a fan of someone or something, you'll slowly delve into their inspirations and gain new interests in the process. Once you are a fan of one thing, you will probably become a fan of a lot of things, and your interest will inform your work.

Read trucker forums - Wait what? It's exactly how it sounds.  One time I started researching trucker culture out of curiosity, and found a whole other world of people doing something totally different than me.  You get to read about struggles you could have never imagined, and also your view of the world widens outside your personal bubble.  (Trucker forums are some of the most depressing things I've ever read, but I'll never forget any of it while I'm yelling curse words at trucks on the interstate)

You'll have to wait and hear the rest on Monday, but as always I'll post that here.