I don't like the internet

There's no denying that the internet is an amazing resource, and I would not be doing any of the things I'd be doing without the internet.  

On the flip side, the internet sucks.  It just takes and takes and takes.  If you are an artist, you will be chained to your computer 80% of the time and your canvas 20%, because interacting with an audience is the only way to stay relevant.  Even those who don't have any sort of professional gain riding on the internet feel this need to market themselves, lest they be forgotten.  It demands our time in order to be a functioning member of the human race, especially if you're young.

The internet also brings us closer together, which creates almost a hive-mind of sorts.  Tonight, while I was watching Bar Rescue (highly recommend), bar expert, Jon Taffer brought in some social media experts to come stake out a bar. They were 3 men, all with their number of followers put under each of them.  Can you imagine what these men looked like? They were white, had a ton of tattoos, Macklemore-style hair, and beards.  I could not tell them apart, yet they are exactly the type of person one would imagine has a lot of followers.  I understand that fashion trends exist, but the internet has created a sort of collective individualism; where everyone aims to looks so different and out there that they all end up looking the same.  

This internet hive-mind also gives way to INSANE political correctness, and if one person is out of line, hundreds of thousands of commenters make sure the perpetrator's head is on a pike.  Political correctness destroys art, and recommends that no one takes risks on account that the artist may have a "stance".  I've seen a ridiculous amount of articles addressing the misogyny of James Bond lately, stating that the movies needs to make Bond less of a lady's man.  Instead of creating a new work of film as the antithesis to Bond, they want the Bond movies to change.  While sure, I acknowledge that James Bond treats women heinously, that's the character, and HE ISN'T REAL. Instead of changing existing works and attempting to rewrite history, disrupt with a oppositional film or art piece.  Forcing everyone to adhere to certain ideas is the world that the internet is promoting.  It markets itself as this savior of free-speech, yet the hive wants to smother those who exercise their right.

The internet is certainly a great place, but it can suck the life out of you.  I wouldn't have a voice without the internet, and I may not even have made anything.  The fact is, we need the internet, I need the internet.  It's a double-edged sword to the highest degree.