I don't love all gadgets, just ones I can use.

Gadgets are tools, you absolutely don't need the best camera or the newest computer to make good stuff, but gadgets are necessary for a budding career in 2015.

People ask me why I burn through technology so quickly (sometimes condescendingly), so here's the answer:

First, I like new stuff.  New stuff is nice, especially if it has features I can use day to day. Everyone likes new stuff, but upgradingfor the sake of upgrading is usually a slippery slope of spending and gear addiction.

Second, I'm not a casual user. I've never dropped a phone (or other type of technology) and shattered or broken it.  I don't break stuff.  I just don't. (except my mom's dishes and a toaster oven one time)  I get obsessive and spend more time than the average human on technology which wears it out, but I don't drop my crap or put it in precarious situations.  (After 6 years of being a smartphone owner and case hater, I fully believe that the "shatter fad" is really preventable, but that's preachy and a topic for another post.)  I've always had buttons or batteries wear out.  My last iPhone needed to be charged 3 times a day after a little over a year of insane use.  Why do I wear them out so quickly? I use them a lot. To the extreme. I write most of these posts via my phone, I also edit photos and experiment with different shooting techniques constantly. (70% of those photos don't see the light of day as well as the blog posts)  Shooting video is now a thing I've been doing as well. If I could, I would carry two phones.     

Finally, speed speed speed.  I personally think it's unwise to invest in the newest gear in a technology who's market moves slower like a TV or a camera (trust me, I've felt the unnecessary burn from the latter)  However, something like a phone or a computer who's market moves so quickly can be justified.  The difference between an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 6 is astounding, so workflow will obviously be improved and speedier.  That said, a phone from two generations ago can still make a feature-length film, so it's really how you use it. 

If I am getting set back by crashing or a battery that's constantly dying, I will move heaven and earth to fix my problem.  I don't know if I personally could handle having a shattered phone for more than an hour without scrambling to find a solution.  I use my tools (laptop, camera, phone, printer) hard. I've been sucked in by shiny new gear for the sake of shiny new gear before, and I don't recommend it.  It sucks to spend unnecessary amounts of money. 

I'm not normal.