Today I drank the future

You thought Marty McFly was the only one that got to enjoy the magic of future beverages.  Not even he could have predicted what 2015 actually holds.


Nitro-brewed coffee is the next thing, and my next drink.  Coffee is cool, but I can make that at home.  I can't make coffee that also has the texture and smoothness of a Guinness with a faster caffeine kick with my awesome coffee maker or Chemex.  

This has made coffee special.

Sure, I may be late to the game with this one, and many of you may have been drinking this for months.  You have been drinking the future. Old people believe our generation is entitled and pretentious for drinking our lattes and mochas and cold brews, because all they needed as a kid was Folgers or chocolate milk.  We have found ways to innovate the most MUNDANE things, and I think that's super cool.  

Radio transformed into podcasts with endless possibilities, TV transformed into 10 episode movies you can watch online, computers have transformed into phones and watches, and coffee has transformed into an experience, not just a daily task.  We live in a cool time.  Sure, your grandparents don't understand, but why would they? Who could have possibly seen the tsunami of changes that have come in the past 5 YEARS alone?  It's hard for even an 18 year old to wrap their head around it all. 

Go drink Nitro-brewed coffee, if anything, it's just cool.