You cannot be an artist and be tolerant and politically correct at the same time

Artists disrupt.

Artists question the status quo.

Artists cannot be tolerant or politically correct.

Being an artist today is defined rather loosely as someone who simply makes things.  That would then, put artists in the majority of people today.  Unfortunately, artists, by nature, cannot be on the side of those forces in power. (in this case, the media and the government)

In fact, you cannot believe in anything if you take the route of tolerance. You can't be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Atheist. 

Here's the part people keep getting confused on: Love and tolerance are not mutually exclusive.  You can love people, but hate what they do. 

If you accept everyone's beliefs as possibly right or true, you cannot believe in anything yourself.  You'll find yourself pulled in so many directions and you won't know which way is up.  You'll end up a miserable, confused puddle.  (I know this from experience)

You can be good at a craft, you can be skilled visually, but if you aren't constantly working to disrupt, you are not an artist in the true sense of the word.  That means, sadly, that most of us can't claim the title of artist.  (which keeps artists in the minority eternally)

I'm not promoting hatred.  I don't hate anyone.  I do, however, disagree and have moral issues with many people.  But guess what? I'm able to not treat them like garbage for having a different viewpoint. 

Why am I writing this? (alcohol?) Over the past few weeks, I've had an increasing influx of people insulting me and straight up saying I'm stupid for believing in the Bible.  I've never insulted their beliefs or really made my known, but liberals (yeah I just took it there I think) are tolerant up to the point where they are disagreed with.  It's a disturbing, Orwellian concept.

I see it in my Facebook feed, I see it on Twitter.  I see liberals and "artists" using absolutes and insults to refer to Christians (often citing The Crusades for why we are evil) and Republicans.  I saw an article the other day that referred to the Republican Party as the largest hate group in America, which is probably the darkest, and scariest thing I've every heard.  The fact that the media and much of the government refers to anyone who belongs to a certain group as hateful for simply being associated with that group is frightening.  That is how freedom ends.  That is how the Nazis got their start. 

Not saying Christians are perfect (in fact I'm disturbed by Christians applying the tolerance ideal to their own doctrine) and Republicans are also very not perfect.  Anecdotally, however, I have seen far fewer Christians blatantly insult someone for their beliefs compared to those "tolerant" or "liberal" people who I've seen insult Christians for believing in the Bible.  If Christians are being actual Christians, they have no desire to insult people. 

Our government and the media are dividing us as a country.  Tolerance and the political correctness that follows, in theory, seeks to unite, when it only ends up silencing those who disagree.  How can you decide that an extremist state is an enemy? How can you claim a mass murder as evil? You can't if you are tolerant of their beliefs too.  Tolerance gets people killed. It's uneven, and picks and chooses what to believe.  It's a bad moral compass because it relies on conflicting beliefs and cultures as a guide.

I know that many artists tend to lean toward liberal ideas.  In fact, you could argue that most of them do.  Now, our world (at least the US) is becoming more and more liberal by the day.  When the world in which we live is predominantly liberal, will a new wave of artists seek to disrupt that? 

All I know is that as an artist, you have to have beliefs.  If you are tolerant and politically correct, you have to throw your beliefs away, therefore, you cannot be a true artist if you choose that route.

You can love people, but you don't have to love their beliefs or actions.  Sounds hard right?  There's a reason that most of us fail miserably in that area.  There will be things and people in this world that you disagree with, and that's life.  The second you work to silence someone or an institution because they offend you, is the second we get close to a world seen in Hitler's Germany.

I write this because I love my country.  I write this because I'm scared for my country.  I don't think I'm necessarily being heroic or badass in writing this, this is just what I believe.  I also don't think I'm making an impact with these thoughts as much as just venting.  There's nothing that amps me up more than being told I'm hateful or intolerant.  I also get bothered by "artists" that preach their politically correct doctrine and claim to still be an artist. It just doesn't work.