Photographers need to stop what they are doing right now and get into video

The wheels starting turning the second I saw that people were having "video" photo shoots. What I mean by that is, they would take video of a model, and then use the video stills as their photos.  It's crazy, but basically carpet bombs a shoot giving you a lot of flexibility for the edit.  It's a pretty neat and efficient strategy in my opinion, and I've been trying to use it more.

I also see that video is on the rise; more an more influencial social media figures are creating more video content because that's what people want.

Here's my theory: photography is a skill that everyone will develop with the help of easier to use technology.  It will only be harder and harder to make that your sole profession.  As companies want more video content, they'll see that you have a DSLR and assume that you can do video too. (That's already happening) Photography will always be important, but the clutter of images is so enormous that I see more and more clients wanting to use video to break through.

I think photography is going from a skill to a sub-skill, one that will be kind of a given for many people.  I think the photographers that will make a difference in the future will be videographers first and foremost.

This is a theory of course, but I probably didn't say anything too crazy that no one else is thinking.  I will say this: If you are a working photographer (or any sort of freelancer) and not sharing and communicating on social media daily, you're not going to make it very far.

It's all about daily content aka The 365 grind.  That's the life we live during these future times.