The Wall: the subject of the next month of the 365

It's been two months since I started my fourth 365 project, and it's been really fun.  Of course, a project like this needs to be sustained, and it's hard to sustain it when you have no limits and must consistently come up with content every day.  

Now that I've warmed up to the project a bit 60 days in, I'm making changes.  Each month will have a new theme, or rather, "rule" for the portraits of that month.  Randomly styled photos are great, but creativity blooms from limitations.

This month, all portraits will involve a certain wall in my house as a backdrop.  I've been digging this wall lately, so you've already seen it before.

It's just a brown wall, and I think there's a lot I can do with it, no matter how subtle.  So this month, if you want your portrait taken for my project, it's all happening right here at my house.  Let me know if you want to be in the project! Always eager for new subjects!

Today was the first day of this "rule", so here's Day 60!