Photography is a skill like any other

It's funny how up in arms photographers get when a "normal" picks up a camera.  "Everyone is a photographer" is something that is said all the time.

Everyone is a photographer.  Everyone has a camera, and everyone can take a picture.  Today, I was reminded, that while everyone can take a picture, not everyone can do it well.  I started taking photos for my new 365 today, which is all iPhone photography.  Guess what? I haven't taken a real photo other than just a snapshot with my iPhone in so long, I felt really rusty.  Using it just felt awkward, and I didn't really feel like my photos were that good.  

It'll just be like when I pick up my film camera again (I haven't used it for a couple weeks), I probably will have to learn to get comfortable with it again.  Photography is a skill as much as being a musician is a skill.  If you don't play guitar for a while, you have to shake off the dust and get used to it again.  Just because you have a guitar doesn't mean you're a musician.  

That's just how it is.