TIL: podcast edition

So that's it, The Podcast and the Furious has officially wrapped this week.  

And....it isn't the best podcast you've ever heard....

But I finished it.

If you want to subject your ears to the poor audio quality of Episodes 1-5, listen to the lonely Episode 6, and maybe have some pay off with Episode 7, you can subscribe on iTunes and give my absurd mini-series a listen.

The real question is: why? Why would I make a podcast about Fast and Furious? 

Simple answer: I wanted to create a podcast about creativity, consumption, and talk to other people who live a "365" lifestyle.  So I made The Podcast and The Furious.

Part of the "365" lifestyle is to make a bunch of random stuff that slightly contributes and gives you small bits of knowledge about the thing you actually want to make.  I want my "real" podcast to be good, so The Podcast and The Furious was 7 Episodes of mistakes and a guy learning how to even work a podcast.  

So guess what? I'm now more or less ready for my passion podcast, The 365.  

Episode 0 is out now, and Episode 1 comes out June 1st.  (iTunes Link) From then on, your boring, life-sucking chasm of a weekday, Monday, will now be filled with mindless joy of whatever I decide to talk to someone about.  It's about creativity and consumption, so in other words, it's about anything.  I'll be talking to creators, creatives (those two things can be very different), and other people you probably wouldn't expect.  I've wanted to podcast since I was 14 years old, and I'm finally doing it.

The best part about podcasting so far is that I didn't need to ask anyone's permission to have my own radio show.  I just freaking made it.  We live in an amazing time.

There are some kinks that need working out in the first two episodes, but there's a lot more in store.  I'm excited for this new, strange, and surprisingly busying journey.  Hope you like it too.