Technology is telling us what to do

Here I am, about to go on my regular jog.  I pull my phone out and plug in my earbuds.  Normally, I listen to my own iTunes library, curated over the past 10 years of my life, but today, I want something different.

I open Spotify.  Somehow, this month I was randomly charged for the month despite turning off my subscription months ago.  I guess I'll make the best out of it.

Instantly appearing before me is a box that says "Bass-dropping Workout Jams", and without my permission or selection of that box, it begins playing.  It knows I'm about to go on a run, and it plays music according to the intensity of my workout.

I'm getting pumped up from this jam, and in confusion, begin my run, obeying this app's command.  

I'm running, keeping a good pace, beating my time from yesterday's run.  These beats were sick, and different from my regular playlist.  Technology has now infiltrated my time with nature; before, I was simply listening to my favorite songs, now an app is telling me what I'm gonna listen to and how fast I'm gonna listen to it.  It overtakes my brainwaves keeping me from fully being aware of my surroundings.

Suddenly, I'm running right into a rattlesnake.  I stop just inches away and back away slowly.  Nature doesn't stop for technology, technology simply tries to remove us from nature.

Technology is part of everything now; it tells us what to do, what to eat, how to exercise, and where to go.  As part of that, we become technology's subordinate, a vessel for an app to take on a human host.  We lose ourselves, and become a gadget.  Just today, I was endangered by Daniel Ek's music machine.  

How far do we let this go? Will my children even have personalities of their own? Will the future human race just be products created in Silicon Valley?

Eh maybe. I gotta go catch up on Community.  Seeya.