My thoughts on Coin


My thoughts on Coin:

Ordered it two years ago, so everyone has told me it’s now obsolete. Yes, you can store cards on your iPhone and Android now, but no store I regularly visit has their payment system set up for Apple Pay other than Whole Foods and Bi Lo. 

You can use Coin anywhere, and it’s worked seamlessly so far. Set up had a slight learning curve but I was ready to go in 15 min. It worked at the gas pump and Starbucks. It’s a card, so every credit card machine in the world will accept it.

I’m going to test it a little longer before I fully trust it, but I can fully see myself ditching some cards in my wallet for this thing. 

It may not be the future, but it solves the card problem while we wait for the smartphone payment future to be widely applicable. 

If you can get your hands on one, I highly recommend it.