Why using my iPhone as a camera hasn't interested me much lately

Sounds negative, but I go in waves with my photography interests.  I'll go a long time only using film, then I'll run out of money and use my DSLR again.  I'll use that for a while, get tired of carrying that monstrosity around, then I'll switch to my phone.  The cycle goes on and on.

I've probably gone my longest without caring to really use my iPhone camera.  It's not that I don't like it, and I definitely think about it, but I just haven't been interested in the results.

I can't really do an in-camera double exposure with it. (I'm sure there's an app, but it'll make the photo too digitized looking) I can't get the focal length I want.  I can't zoom without my photo becoming a noisy mess.  It just feels limiting right now.

Limits are great. I love limits. I would rather be limited than have everything at my disposal quite honestly; it boosts the creative process.  But right now, I want to push limits, I want to go beyond a point and shoot photo.  The phase I'm in right now is making me want to experiment with some bigger tools, not just a phone and some apps.  

Next month, I'm going on vacation so I'll probably be back on the iPhone thing again.  I just haven't been feeling it too much right now.