Double Exposures Part III

Here are this week's Double Exposures.  I'm quite pleased with this batch.

Here's a quick one when I just snapped two shots one after the other.  I liked how I managed to capture movement while avoided the whole blurry photo look. I think I was lucky and the dark wooded background was flat enough so only the subject was blurry.

Here's one of my wife. I took a photo of her, then took a photo of the trees out of focus as the second image.  


I did the same thing with my usual guinea pig, Woody. (below)

I think the key to making more original double exposures is to almost completely avoid making it look too clean.  The overly clean style looks like it could be made in photoshop, which instantly makes people less interested in the process of it.  

The "clean" double exposure is the look I feel like is most often striven for, since that's the typical idea of what a double exposure is.  I think I'm beginning to prefer the more subtle look, where "double exposure" isn't the viewer's immediate guess.  

I'm beginning to make moves on what my original "Locus" project was meant to be.  Once the 365 ends, I may bring that project back, this time, performing my original vision for the project.  I don't quite know how I'm going to go about that yet, but that will be a new challenge for 2016.  For now, 2015 is for re-tooling, reinventing, practice, and experimentation.  

I'm about half way through this 365 project, and it'll be my last for a little while.  Hopefully, out of that decision comes a bunch of more focused projects, maybe even attempts at gallery work.  We'll see what the next 6 months hold.