Summer Favorites 2015

Christmas and summer are the two times of year I really get through some movies, books, and television.  With it being the summer movie season, tons of new films come out every week.  When I get a vacation, I get to read a bunch of books.  Then, of course, there's summer television, where the lesser known shows get some spotlight.  Here's what I'm checking out now:


1. Mad Max: Fury Road- Amazing practical effects, stunning cinematography, amazing soundtrack. Best movie of the year so far for me, hands down. 

2. Jurassic World- a lot of dumb stuff in it, but it was just so satisfying. You can't help but like it.

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron- It's the biggest superhero movie ever made, nothing will touch it for years to come.  

4. Harmontown- documentary based on my favorite podcast and one of my favorite writers 

5. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief- scary

. Face Off- I watched this years ago, but didn't realize it was the greatest movie ever made until recently


1. Halt and Catch Fire- lesser known show about the "computer era" in the 80s. It's fully fictional, but references Apple, IBM, and other big real companies of the time.  The first season is on Netflix, the second is on the air. SUPPORT THIS SHOW! It barely got a second season, and it's only getting better. I want a third so bad.

2. True Detective Season 2- Doesn't seem to have the same distinct feel of the first season, and has a lot more moving parts. The premiere was confusing, but set up some interesting plotlines.  I'm excited for where it's going.

3. Chef's Table- Netflix show about cooking made by the creator of Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Each episode is an hour long documentary about a different, original chef. The show is very well shot and super interesting.  Watch all 6 episodes now.


1. Daring Greatly- Great book by Brene Brown about vulnerability. It's a must read for everyone.

2. War of Art- Book by Steven Pressfield about fighting the Resistance, the force that keeps you from doing your work.  It's a nice kick in the pants for any artist and/or creator

3. Southern Reach Trilogy- I'm not usually into fiction, but I read the first book and was hooked.  It's very grounded in the real world, but gives off some supernatural vibes ala True Detective.  I'm currently reading the second.

Next up: I'm about to start reading a book about the Beatles break up called You Never Give me Your Money. I'm saving it for the beach though.