Double Exposures Strike Back

I'm back to my favorite form of photography, "double-exposures"!  It's been a while; wanted to experiment with some other stuff, but now I'm back to this strange art form.

I'm letting my work be a little less "clean" than last year's double exposure work, taking some inspiration from the film look in that sense.  All of these are in-camera digital photographs from my latest 365 project, IV:

(I'm hoping to try my hand at some film double exposures soon, but I need to scrape up some cash to get all that developed.)

This one is a cleaner one for sure.  It's a nice shot, but I find the composition uninspiring. I'm working to retool how I compose these things, which requires me to figure out some alternate double exposure techniques other than shooting against a bright background or the sky.

My friend Keren kindly posed for me one day.  Look for her on the podcast soon!

A real weird but humorous accident.

A candid double-exposure.  I usually stumble on candid photography and am unhappy with it, but using multiple exposures for candids is producing some really interesting results.

A boring portrait but a fun layering.  

The cat was chasing a laser.  I'm trying to avoid this look though, if the exposures are too similar they end up looking just like a blurry photo.  Sometimes it works, but most people won't really be interested in an image like this too long.

This post has a lot of self-critique, which I think is very useful to a point.  I don't want to tear myself down too much, because that's a pretty dark road.  It's nice to have a web area to lay my work out and put my own notes on it for self-improvment, however.  Look for more double-exposures soon!