How to get your creative juices flowing: YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HE SAYS

The secret to getting your creative juices flowing is simple:



After a week of trudging through a creative swamp, I finally have that spark back again...for now.

I've been working tirelessly on the podcast, taking photos, writing, and various other project. At first, it wasn't fun, but once I got into the swing of it, I don't want to stop. I'm loving every minute of it.

The steps I laid out in my last post concerning this matter helped for sure, but the flat out secret to producing work is just to produce work.  It's a chain-reaction: you start writing about nothing, than an wild idea appears(!) and you start gaining momentum.  Same with photography: walk outside to take photos and things will start coming to you. If you've taken 10 photos and have 1 good one, you've done pretty well.  

Once I get internet back to my home (hopefully this week), Netflix will rear is beautiful head at me and I may fall back into my slump, and this process will all begin again.  It's a natural cycle, and if you're a person who likes to make things, you'll probably fight this your entire life.  



On a different note: Monday's (Aug 10) podcast episode features Kenneth Burke, my friend who has been working on his very own 365 project. His 365 project is much different than mine: He's reading one book a week for 52 weeks.  Impressive, right? Well, he's getting close to the end, so I had him help me build a list of tips in audio form on how to start a year-long project.  You can subscribe to The 365 on iTunes.