The 3-6-(Top)-5: Stuff you should check out now

That title felt a bit gross to type out.  My apologies.  Pun unfortunately intended.

If you know me at all or listen to my podcast, you know that I like a lot of things.  I'm a fan of so many different things, and I want to like a lot of things.  Any time I'm ever harsh towards something, it's probably because I really wanted to like it, but it disappointed me.  

That said, I've been abandoning sleep to keep up with my art consumption, since I've been falling behind as of late. (Real life ya know?)  I've compiled a list of movies/tv/video games/podcasts I think you should run and go check out. These things have brought me joy recently, and I want to share it.  Most of these aren't for kids, so keep that in mind just in case I have some readers or listeners who have little monsters running around. (I'm sure they're great)

5. Batman: Arkham Knight (Xbox One)

Do you like Batman? Have you always wanted to fight crime and be a badass in a cape? Done. That's exactly what this game is.  They've finally perfected this series, and the story plays out like a movie.  If you are a gamer of any kind, this is a must play in the meantime before the holiday onslaught of game releases. (Once Battlefront comes out, I'm going dark)

4.  My Brother, My Brother, and Me (podcast)

With podcasts like Serial and Reply All, we need something to lighten our listening a bit.  While well-produced stuff is great, it's nice to kick back or drive to something lighthearted and freeform (like The 365 *wink*). My Brother, My Brother, and Me is a comedy podcast where 3 brothers answer Yahoo Answers and give advice.  I can't listen to it around people because I look like a fool laughing to myself, so it's great for all the driving I do.  

3. Writing's On The Wall by Sam Smith (song/new James Bond intro)

I really didn't like this song when I first listened to it, but it's grown on me a bit. I don't forsee it being the hit that Adele's Skyfall was, but it's good in its own right.  It's lyrically generic and kinda moody, but that's what Daniel Craig's Bond really is.  It's some good listening however, and Sam Smith's voice has an impressive range.  I'm looking forward to Spectre, so this is giving me some Bond vibes to get me excited for November 6.

2. Paper for iPhone (app)

FINALLY. The reason I got an iPad a few years ago was for Paper, an app with incredible yet simple drawing tools.  You can even get their stylus, the Pencil, to scribble some stuff with.  Now, they finally released it for iPhone so I can draw some stuff while out and about. (Especially since I'm not an iPad person anymore)

1. Mr. Robot (tv show) 

Wow. I was a hater of this show originally due to my resentment toward the whole "hacking" theme in movies these days.  I feel like it keeps movies and television from aging well, but I think Mr. Robot could potentially overcome that.  It's a show about revolution, loneliness, mental illness, addiction, and good vs. evil. (literally). It is totally self-aware and goes to places you don't expect in a show like this.  The reason I didn't like it is because I assumed I knew where it was headed, but I was proven totally wrong.  It's probably become my favorite tv show right now, and it's going to be hard waiting for Season 2. This is a must watch for sure.  It's worth buying the season on iTunes. Christian Slater is in it too btw.