Book delay

I wrote this guide, but was unhappy with it. It felt basic and much like any other photography book.  It had elements of my 365 philosophy, but not as much as I'd like.

So, in order to do this the correct way, I figured, why not take a little longer to write it and make it the book I want it to be? I'll delay it, let's say, a year?

I want to write about reinvention, but not only writing about how a 365 can help you, but actually live it outside of a photo project.  I'm going to live life like a 365 project, and have a book at the end.  Instead of up to the minute social media updates, I'm going to keep a 365 journal.  One that monitors my progress day to day when it comes to living a disciplined life.  

I'm ending IV, my latest 365 photo project, and it will be my last one for a while. It's time to move on and make something new, whether it's art, getting in shape, or better time management.  I want to see what a 365-ified life truly looks like and then I'll write about it.  

I'm planning to start Oct. 1, but I need to get organized and figure it out first.  I may most random journal entries along the way.  This one will be kept pretty low-key until I get closer to my book, although you may see some more out there stuff from me along the way.