#liveauthentic (Episode 15)

Episode 15 of The 365 podcast came out today!  

Heather Harper came back to talk about her trip abroad, and this Socality Barbie Instagram account

If you haven't seen it, it's pretty funny, namely because you know exactly what it's making fun of.  You've seen them: the clean white walls, the mountain ranges, the coffee, and the explorative living advertised by many instagrammer. A movement I like to call the "#liveauthentic movement".

 As someone who dipped his toe in the freelance game, I felt like to be taken seriously or be part of a certain "creative" group, my stuff needed to be in this style. (at least in my geographic location, could be different somewhere else) Most of the time, it's this style that attracts the most followers, because this adventurous lifestyle looks cool and clean. It screams creativity, right? 

The creator of this account has decided to remain anonymous, for good reason. If you're a photographer today, you probably know quite a few other photographers that partake in this "manufactured" style. The business is competitive enough without becoming vilified within your industry.  She's obviously very talented based on the composition and scaling she's performed in these images.  She's challenging the norm, calling out this creative lack of creativity.

I spend a lot of the time in the podcast apologizing for possibly inflaming people, but I really did find that it was hard to fit in my age group of photographers and designers if I didn't assimilate.  This isn't the type of photographer I want to be, (if I really wanted to be a professional full-time photographer.)  I also want to stress that there's nothing wrong with this #liveauthentic culture; I love good coffee and white walls and handmade things, it's the fakeness and pretentiousness that sometimes goes along with it that I'm not a fan of. 

To be clear, I drink tons of coffee, I use VSCO filters, and I love my leather stuff. There's nothing wrong with those things, it's the impossibly clean life that these photos advertise I am against.  Or maybe my life is just that boring and my walls are beige instead of white.  

In sarcastic fashion, the podcast photo is thus:

It was a fun episode all around brought on by a pretty funny and well-crafted Instagram account. I was surprised by how harsh the critique was, and felt as if the photographer hit the nail on the head.  

Let's be honest, social media is a hack, tired topic. This was just a refreshing way to go about it.  Maybe we need to just turn our attention towards the US elections instead. Right? Right?