Why the "working hard vs. working smart" argument is a waste of time

1.    Implies working hard and working smart are two separate things. What does “hard” work even mean? It’s different for everyone.  Shouldn’t you work hard and smart at the same time? There are more definitions of hard work than just digging ditches mindlessly.  Working hard encompasses a lot of things; for me working hard means having a job, making content, and balancing a marriage at the same time.  If I wasn’t smart about my time, I couldn’t do it all at once.  Your existence in this world is supposed to require work, and it won’t always be easy.

2.    Working smart begins to sound like a working for the weekend approach. If I work smart and save more time, I can have more fun than if I just work hard all the time.  It’s a Netflix and chill mentality; that’s where the meaning of hard work gets truly lost.  If all you want to do is have fun, then work is just business and doesn’t provide value to anyone.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to party and have free time, just don’t hide it under the guise of “working smart” if it isn’t actually work.

3.    Those who look to work “smart” over “hard” must not like their work very much. Do something else.  I’ve always worked hard when I was interested or passionate about something.  If I didn’t care about it, I would hate the work itself, which led me to find shortcuts and ways I can do less of it. I wanted to get to the work I liked by rushing or strategizing (bullshitting) my way through the depressing, bummer work.  You could say I worked “smart” to get through college.   

4.    Do both. I consider it work to cook dinner, or keep my marriage strong, but I'm going to work hard and smart to make sure I'm fed and my wife is happy. Life is hard no matter what anyway, no need to divide the two.  Everyone has their gifts, and we are wired to feel unfulfilled by work if we aren’t exercising those gifts.  You will naturally work and hard and smart if you are doing what you were meant to do. 

5.    Working smart is common sense.  What’s the alternative? Working dumb? If you told your boss that you work smart instead of hard you would look like an ignoramus.  Even if you set up your daily workflow to be streamlined so the day goes smoother, that’s hard work.  It’s also smart.  Don’t separate the two. It makes no sense.

Life is hard, you're going to have to work hard and smart. That's a fact. If working smart = more time for Netflix, you're doing it wrong.