Disappointments, Surprises, Stuff I wasn't into, and The Best

2016 is a bad year for politics, the future of America, and movies.

I believe I've concentrated on politics enough so let's talk movies (and tv, because let's be honest, tv is better than most movies these days)

And yes, there are still two months to go, but there's really nothing big left other than Doctor Strange, Star Wars, and that sexy space movie with Chris Pratt (which I'm sure will be great). I can amend these lists at the end of year, but there's already so much to put in here I'm starting now.

Let's get the negatives out of the way first:

Biggest Disappointments (aka stuff I was really looking forward to and they were bad):

Batman v. Superman - why? why did this have to be bad? Ben Affleck as Batman was so cool but then Superman comes in and takes a steaming bummer crap on every scene. ugh.

Jason Bourne - expected an intelligent film like the last 3 and got the dumbest and most condescending-to-the-audience film we could have gotten. 

Ghostbusters - it was a bad movie. Just really bad.

Independence Day - Now, I knew this wouldn't be a good movie, I thought at the very least it would be fun.  This movie needed Will Smith.

Luke Cage - The acting and the writing was awkward and the pacing was weird. Like all the other Marvel shows it should have been 8 episodes long. I just couldn't get into it, and I really wanted to.

Black Mirror Season 3 - Ok so I still have 2 episodes left, but I've watched all of the ones that people raved about and I just wasn't into it. Nothing grabbed me like the previous seasons.  "Nosedive" was just a commentary on a boring, tired conversation about self-worth and the internet. "Playtest" is probably the only really good episode I've seen so far.  That 80s episode was meh to me, but I think ultimately because I'm over this year's fascination with re-hashing the 80s (which I will get to later)

Based on the next few weeks, I may be adding Westworld to this list, we'll see.

Biggest Surprises (aka stuff I didn't know or care about and ended up being really great) 

Swiss Army Man - One of my favorite movies I've seen. It's so weird and out there and totally un-ashamed of it. I can't recommend it to anyone because of how weird it is, but I assure you, it's great.

Hell or High Water - Didn't know anything about this movie until the week I saw it. It's a modern western (which I'm a sucker for), it's beautifully shot, and just a clean storyline. My favorite movie this year.

Weiner - Why would I have expected a documentary about Anthony Weiner to be good? Well it was great and I highly recommend it. Can't stop thinking about this one.

Westworld - A scifi western with Anthony Hopkins in it. There's even a Hemsworth in here! So far, each episode has been stunning and well-paced. Kind of getting a Lost-y vibe from it which scares me. This show could end up amazing or like Lost. We'll have to see.

Atlanta - I wasn't surprised that this show was good tbh because Donald Glover was at the helm. It's tonally unlike anything I've ever watched; the overall vibe of the show did surprise me.  It's so funny, kind of dark, and just out-there. I love everything Donald Glover makes, so again, I was hooked before I even saw it.

Stuff I Just Wasn't Into:

Stranger Things - I get why people like it, it's a fine show. It didn't stick with me, I didn't think the acting was that great, and I was tired of being constantly slapped in the face by the 80s. I thought the ending was "meh" and I really wish there wasn't going to be another season. Should have been an anthology show.

Bloodline - Liked how it's basically dark Parenthood, but the second season just didn't grab me like the first. It was fine.

All shows about New York hipsters


The best stuff: 

Game of Thrones: obvi

Better Call Saul - Bummed that no one talks about this show. It's delightful, fun, and part of the Breaking Bad universe. I feel like only my mom and I watch this show. It keeps getting renewed so whatever I guess. If you've seen Breaking Bad, watch this show.

Halt and Catch Fire - Ok ok, it's an 80s period piece. The first season is "meh" but everything that follows it is a masterpiece. The show is set in the 80s but doesn't feel the need to remind you that constantly. The final season comes out next year.

Captain America: Civil War - I'm a sucker for Avengers movies and this was the best one yet. No surprise there

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - It's like Spinal Tap in 2016. It's hilarious. Literally no one saw this movie and that's kinda sad, because it was a glimmer of light in the dark summer movie season.

So I realized after making this list how it appears that I watch stuff every second of the day. What's funny is that I watched significantly less this year than ever.  This list is probably 95% of what I've watched this year, and most of it just happened over the past few months. Oh well, I'm ok with being seen as a nerd with no life. I can handle your insults. Come at me.