You, Me, and Carol 2016: Pet Appeal

It's that time of year! Here it is, our second annual Christmas podcast, You, Me, and Carol! This time around, we watched Scrooged, (which is on Netflix) talked about who is 2016's Scrooge, and Anna talks about her idea for a Christmas Carol story set in the Wild West. Also, just as warning, Anna kind of spoiled Westworld a little.

Probably one of my favorite parts of making this podcast once a year is making a new set of portraits with each episode. It's weird to see how much has changed and see how we can one-up what we did last year. You, Me, and Carol will definitely be going on for a while, because Anna and I really look forward to this now.   

You can subscribe to the podcast here, on iTunes.  

In the feed so far there are 4 episodes: The introduction episode which is about 2 minutes long, The 365 podcast episode where Anna and I talk about Christmas and come up with the idea for You, Me, and Carol. Then, You, Me, and Carol 2015 and You, Me, and Carol 2016. 

Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe, everyone. Enjoy the show!