Summer Blockbuster Youtube Show

Remember when I used to review summer blockbusters?  Some of you who have followed me for a long time will.

Well, I'm doing it again, in video form.

It's not summer, yet summer blockbusters are coming out all year round, and I'm going to talk about them, starting off with Batman v. Superman.

I think this movie is really interesting because of how uninterested "normals" are with it. I know very few people who saw Man of Steel (Batman v Superman is a sequel btw), and I even know some people who didn't even know this was coming out! These are the same people who can't stop talking about Captain America: Civil War.

Granted this is all anecdotal stuff, it just seems surprising because BATMAN.

The reviews are coming in, and this movie is looking rough, but I'll have to see for myself tomorrow night when I see it.  

This new Youtube show will be released sporadically as "summer" blockbusters come out.  My second episode will be when Captain America comes out, my third will be whatever the next big event is.  

I finally get to talk about movies again!