Instagram Doomsday

Tomorrow is March 29, also known as the day Instagram died. 

Just kidding.

Instagram is making a big move tomorrow from a chronological feed to an algorithmic one.  That means that the most popular content, and content you tend to actually be interested in will be shown at the top of your feed as opposed to what was posted most recently.  

A lot of people are bummed out about this, fearing that their photos will be buried if they aren't popular enough. Many content creators (myself included), are finding solutions to this potential problem by asking people to turn on notifications when they post photos. 

I went ahead and posted my snapstory on my Youtube channel for convenience. It contains instructions on how to follow my posts after the big switch. (click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of an instagram photo to turn on notifications when I put something up)

I think this change to algorithmic will change Instagram for the better. I'm a photographer and I'm trying to boost my following (which is still relatively small),  and I think this will give me an advantage. Before, with Instagram being chronological, it was all about "right place, right time". I would try and post at 10am exactly each day for better results. Now, that doesn't matter as much. Now, I just need to focus on making content that people like. It's less of a game of chance and more of a game of strategy.

I also think this will get a lot of spam out of people's feeds, as well as bring your actual interests to the top.  It will allow for better feed curation for sure.  Instead of showing you all of your followers work in order of posting, it will show you the followers who are more important to you and the ones you care about more.

The more people that "subscribe" to my photos, the more favorable algorithm I will have to more people (I'm guessing that's how that works but we'll have to see), so by all means, go turn that setting on.  

Any sort of change that forces people to work a little harder to make quality stuff is more than welcome. I'm excited to see what happens over the next few days.  Social media and marketing today is a fast changing game, so you have to adapt or die. And that's a good thing.