Entrepreneurs need new adjectives

First off, I don't believe I'm an entrepreneur. I may have some tendencies, but I don't believe I am one currently.  That said, I like to follow alot of them online, at least, I did.  It's become unbearable as of late.

The term "thought-leader" is a newer term (I think) referring to "trend-setters" or the leaders of the herd.  That's what online personalities strive to be. 

Internet thought leaders lead cool lives, so why not want be one of them? Companies give them stuff, and they get to travel a lot.  

Well, what happens when all the "thought-leaders" are thought-led by someone else? What do I mean? Let me put it this way: it's like if the rebels who stopped the empire eventually end up becoming an empire again.  It's not as intense as that in actuality, but it is a weird phenomenon.

There's one entrepreneur so inspirational that all of the entrepreneurs, old and up-and-coming are trying to be him.  They copy his language, they obey his every word, and they are trying to borrow his personality.

I like all of these personalities, even the big kahuna, but they have all become unrecognizable.

You'll know them by their words, or more specifically, their Snapchat accounts. Terms often used: "Crushing it", "Hustling", "Getting it", or just describing how much you work and how often and how early in the day.  Entrepreneur "bros" have arrived.

It's more than just a trend; it's become cultish, affecting those we originally saw as rebels.  It's becoming harder and harder to find an internet thought leader who hasn't morphed into "a hustler".  

I get it, the guy is right about a lot, but he's egotistical, and he promotes his inflated ego and makes it seem desirable. The game is all about ego more than ever (not that it wasn't before), but now it's about lording it over people. Social media "personalities" are just talking about how much they "crush" and "hustle", with little to no substance. 

I like the borrowing of ideas and strategies, what I don't like is the borrowing of personality and turning into something you're not just because there's a bigger guy doing it.  That's how "bros" are created in every field since the dawn of time. It's a cycle.