My biggest struggle with making a daily vlog is finding the right music, and sadly, copyright free music usually isn't very good. 

Mad Libre show

Mad Libre show

I had a lot of good music to begin with, but I don't want to keep using the same stuff over and over again.  

I need your help!

If you know someone, or are someone who makes music and wants me to put it in my vlogs, send me a message! I will give full credit of course.

This is important to me because it sets the tone of my videos; if the song is cheesy, it makes the video feel like it's bad.  I know there are alot of great musicians out there letting people use their music for stuff like this, I just need to find them.  

Most of the time when I'm editing the vlog I'm also searching for music.  I want to make more edits based on the rhythm of the music, but I often don't find music that fits.

I've had great musicians help me before, (as well as write an original theme song), and I'm happy to trade creative favors. Need a video or photos of your band? I can do that in return.

You can contact me via willmalone.com or Facebook or Instagram or anything else!

Let's work something out!