The Second Hardest Hike I've Ever Done

Here's a new vlog, but this one is a little different. I indulged myself and let it be long, and I'm not the only one vlogging in this video. Elijah Bankhead helped me out with the camera work on this one by wearing my GoPro. (Go check out his site and instagram while you're at it)


It's always rewarding to go on crazy hikes for just a couple photos, because it makes the photos have so much more value. I've talked 100 times about how I don't think most photography has value; most photographers just toss some Lightroom VSCO filters on a bunch of shots, call it a day, and charge $2,000 for a wedding.

When you go risk your life and go waaay out of your way for some shots, you're much closer to the feeling that the old photography masters probably had when they would go out and get some shots. You probably don't hear about too many famous photographers pulling up in their car, getting out for 5 minutes to take a couple snapshots. They all went to crazy lengths to get "the shot".

I bet you're thinking that this is some sort of self-applause or something, but I don't regularly do this kind of stuff. The real photographer here is Elijah, an 18 year old who got into photography a year ago and has already surpassed my 9 years of photography experience.

He's going to be one to watch over the years. Go follow him on Instagram, it'll be worth it.

Also, the guy spends hours editing a single shot, so you know each photo was crafted carefully. He does not share my "run and gun" approach to photography. The only leg-up I have on him is that I have a drone, so at least I take take some photos that he's not able to take for a while ;)