Are we all dumb?

Here's a quick rant for ya, one that I rant about in reality quite a lot. 

I'm tired of being treated like an idiot by things around me, and here's what inspires this train of thought: those freakin' interstate signs that have stupid puns on them.

That one is pretty bad, but here's a couple way better ones:

Listen, the humor isn't lost on me. If anyone takes joy from pop culture references in weird places it's me. I remember I was driving to go see The Force Awakens on premiere night, and I passed an interstate sign kind of like the one above. Then I started thinking about it, and it's not really funny anymore.

The kind of frustration I have towards these signs is similar to those old, sometimes disturbing anti-smoking commercials.  At first they were just about dumb kids getting a cigarette from their friends, when those didn't work, they started making super gross ones:

What's funny is that back during Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign, drug use sky-rocketed. I imagine that's partially due to Pablo Escobar, but also when you make a commercial against drugs, it's inevitably going to be about drugs. Whether you like it or not, you're advertising them.

Back to road signs. Think about this: You're driving drunk. You're having a good ole time on the interstate, just tearing it up, jamming to ACDC's Shoot to Thrill. You're on top of the world. Then you see a sign that says, "It's Game Day, Drinking and Driving is a Bad Play", and you think, "Wow, I totally forgot that this was dangerous and or illegal. Let me pull over and sober up a bit."

Or this, "Hmm, glad I saw that sign on the way to the club. I was going to get blotto and drive home tonight. Glad I saw this very informative interstate sign that reminded me to call an Uber."

Everyone knows drinking and driving is illegal. Those who are okay with drinking and driving don't give a crap about much in life, and I would imagine interstate signs are included in that list. 

There is no situation where those signs have any useful information whatsoever. If anything, they make me want to drink and drive. (can we put some useful info on those signs like weather forecast or something?) 

Why do we need to be treated like idiots? 

I stumbled upon this article on Twitter the other day, about two professors who created a "How to Recognize Bullshit" class. I've been racking my brain about it wondering if the article itself is a bullshit test and maybe this class isn't real. I went to their page, and it feels too real. The amount of stupidity blows my mind here. A class that teaches you how to recognize bullshit is 100% bullshit itself. I know that people can be dumb, but I don't think people are so dumb that we now need "common sense" classes.

I remember once talking to someone about James Bond, and they were against the sexist themes in those movies, which is understandable. Their reasoning, however, was that people shouldn't watch James Bond because "Monkey See Monkey Do". I don't think people are that stupid to think, "Oh ok, I can go sleep with an uncountable amount of women, or even smack them around from time to time (if Sean Connery is your Bond), thanks James Bond!". If you think that way, it's not because James Bond makes you think that way; you already have problems. It's not the movie's fault for existing or its responsibility for how you act after seeing it.


We will get dumber if the world is holding our hands through everything. There are so many places I could take this topic, (I almost went there and talked about the absurdity of the whole "fake news" thing, but I didn't so you're welcome) but all I want to say is, give people more credit. We've made it this far as humans without interstate signs. The more we teach kids how to specifically watch out for fake news and bullshit is the second we've lost sight of everything. It's called good education and learning from life experience. Everyone can do it, and everyone has done it since the dawn of time.

Alright, well I'm driving Asheville this weekend. That drive is boring, should be a good time to catch some Pokemon.

jk. No one plays Pokemon Go anymore. I'll probably just have a couple beers on the way. ("Who the hell gets drunk on beer?" - one of the best quotes in Hell or High Water)