Out of Focus: A photography podcast for everyone


In 2015, I started a podcast that I ran weekly for an entire year. It was something I was passionate about, but I had to end it due to life events and the general need to figure some stuff out. I wanted to use it as a way to talk to people making stuff, people I can learn from, and people who have a desire to build. It was called The 365, a title based on my year long photo projects (of which I'm doing my last under the 365 moniker).

It's now 2018, and I'm moving forward. We're moving from Chattanooga, and I'm growing my business into my full-time job. After a lot of rumination, I've determined that the podcast would be an important part of my business, so it's coming back! My podcast will now be named Out of Focus, a photography podcast for everyone. I have interests in all kinds of things that end up contributing to my photography work, whether it be painters, chefs, and even sociologists. I believe that there's something to be learned from everything and everyone, not just other photographers. That's what my podcast will deal with, and I'm really excited about it. It's a big part of the business I'm building right now, with more things to come. First full episode with my first guest will be released soon, and my podcast will also be used to document mine and my wife's upcoming road trip (and secretly my photography pilgrimage) The Will and Anna Power Tour 2018.

I’ve been bad about posting blog posts on here, and will probably continue to be bad at it during this time of flux I’m in. (#movingprobs amirite?) Some sense of equilibrium will be reached over the coming months, but I’ve got a lot of exciting things on the way as I build my business.

I’ll alert you when Episode 1 of my podcast is available (which will be soon, I promise!), so for now, go subscribe to it on your favorite podcast app so you’ll be alerted when it arrives!