It's All About People w/ Kelsey West (The podcast is in full swing now!)


It’s here! The first episode of my podcast, Out of Focus!

In this episode, Kelsey West, my sociologist professor friend has joined me to discussed what makes the world go round: people.

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I’ve been teasing this podcast for a month or so, which has given me time to identify and figure out what exactly I want it to be. For a regularly posted podcast, it has to be sustainable, and the best way to make it sustainable is to keep it fresh and make sure it stays “me”. In other words, instead of trying to copy what I think people would like in a podcast (which hopefully I will do things you like), I’m gonna make it how I think it should be made.

I recently watched one of the final episodes of Parts Unknown, the Anthony Bourdain show, and apart from being thrown into emotional turmoil with the new narration-less episodes, I was struck by his method as it resembles how I want to do things as well (and not just in podcasts). His goal throughout was to make a different episode of television every week instead of sticking to a format. The soul of his show was the same, but his shots, context, and format changed each week, which is part of why I believe it is so great. I want the story to be the same, just tell it in different ways. (Mostly because I have an attention deficit)

All this said, I have been glancing over my schedule over the next few weeks, and I’ve come up with ideas on interesting ways to use this podcast every week. There’s a lot of weird opportunity here: Why would someone who lives in the visual world start delving into an audio-only medium? It does seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but doing nonsensical things is kind of my thing (see photo) so we are just going to roll with it.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode, and I will see you next week!!!

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