Moving, Driving Cross Country, and Multiple Instagram Accounts (Ep. 3)


A new episode of Out of Focus is out! In this episode we talk about our recent move, our upcoming cross country road trip, and having multiple Instagram accounts. (you can listen on whatever podcast app you use)

I had my wife, Anna on for this podcast, and we talked about moving from Chattanooga to Greenville, SC. We lived in Chattanooga for a long time, and it was time for a change and a fresh start. I will be continuing my photography work full-time here in Greenville, SC now, which is super exciting.

But first, we will be driving across the US for vacation, which I’m using as a “photo pilgrimage” to get the creative juices flowing after months of running around like a crazy person. We’ll be driving to Southern California, hopefully staying clear of the wildfires, which are absolutely horrifying. Speaking of which, there are some absolutely jaw-dropping photos being taken of the recent disaster:

This is a Photographer Covering the Wildfires in California

Shelby Grad on Twitter

Also mentioned on the podcast: The movie The Quiet Place, Our yearly Christmas podcast You, Me, and Carol, and miniature dachshunds.


As far as the multiple Instagram account thing: I used to be the king of having a billion Instagram accounts. Now, I have one. Why? Because. It. Just. Doesn’t. Matter. I’ve spent so much time about how to structure my online presence, and it’s so easy to spend an unnecessary time worrying about something so trivial. Photography is embedded in my life so much that I don’t really compartmentalize the types of photography I do. I shoot portraits for work, and document my life (mostly through portraits) so it was always hard to decide what photos go where. Having a separate Will Malone Photography account doesn’t make sense for me because @willmalone is a photography account too, and I think showing the work and the “behind the scenes” is much more interesting anyway.

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