Road Trip Update, The Coastal Triangle, and Starting On Your Own With A Camera (Ep. 4)


Anna and I have been on the road for about a week for our trek out west. I’m typing this from Las Cruces, New Mexico after a harrowing drive of 600 miles straight through the vastness of West Texas. It was beautiful, but a stark reminder of how small I am in the world.

That said, I still managed to record a podcast this week. I talk to my father, Charlie Malone about his video project The Coastal Triangle, (Go Like the page on Facebook!!!) where he shares stories from locals and explores the history of the “Coastal Triangle” of the Gulf area of Alabama. In fact, I helped film an episode with him a while back, and you can watch it below:

You can listen to the new episode of Out of Focus on Anchor or wherever you get your podcasts! For more up to the minute road trip updates, go follow @willmalone on Instagram. I’ll make a post with here with photography from my trip when I get a chance soon.