Working out the Creative Muscle, Road Life, and Blue Man Group Banana Spray (Ep. 5)


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My wife and I discuss tales from the road, Vegas, and I go into how this trip reminded me that creativity is a muscle.

Turns out, Creed II shares some of these themes, with Adonis and Rocky going to the desert to rekindle Adonis’ love of fighting. Not only that, but it’s a great movie. Highly recommend.

Another movie we watched (for our yearly Christmas podcast), is The Man Who Invented Christmas, which goes very in depth into the creative process by showing the struggle that Charles Dickens goes through in writing The Christmas Carol. Of course, it takes a lot of liberties, but it’s really fun and a cool way to tell the story of writing such an iconic tale. The idea that a human man struggled and worked his butt off to get it written should be a great reminder of what we are actually all capable of if we simple exercise our creative brains.

As for the “Will and Anna Power Tour”, we’re slowly making our way back east. I’ve got some exciting stuff cooking as far as my wedding photography services and a much needed website revamp. Time off is an amazing thing it turns out.

I appreciate all of those who have followed along with my travels and my spamming of all my social feeds. We’re having a great time, and I’m loving being able to hold my camera in my hands as often as possible, which this trip has allowed me. This trip has certainly changed me, and I’m thankful for it.

That all said, I’m getting itchy to get back to work.