Banksy, The Value of Art, and Being Yourself w/Robert Schoolfield (Ep. 2)


Another episode of Out of Focus is out! In this episode, I talk to painter Robert Schoolfield about the value of art, and being yourself.

It’s a “chillcast” we just started going and let the conversation take shape. Robert’s work is strictly him, which I find super admirable as someone who struggles with that myself. He discusses his technique a bit and his rule about not ever erasing anything. Go subscribe on whatever podcast app you use! Here’s some links to stuff we talk about:

Here’s a link to the Banksy story we discuss

Shepard Fairey

Exit Through The Gift Shop documentary

This podcast was good for me in that it reminded me that other people struggle with some of the same things I struggle with. For instance, when I started photography I was starting to figure out “my way” but then there was the “right way”. “The right way” was the technically sound way, not necessarily the interesting or different way. When I would do professional work, I would take myself out of it and take sterile, functional pictures because I was uncomfortable being myself. As time went on, people started asking for my work, not just photography work.


And really, if you think about it, the photography industry is so saturated that making work that is fully “you” is a requirement. If you’re just doing what everyone else is doing and making vanilla work, you have nothing different to sell.

That’s why I’m re-committing to my daily photo project (which has been going but has been on autopilot) to pushing myself creatively every day. I’m spending less time on Instagram other than just posting, and I’m going on a photo pilgrimage to try and move my work forward. I’ve had my head so deep in the business aspects of photography that I set pushing my work by the wayside a bit. Making new and different work is far more fulfilling anyway.

The next episode will be with my wife, and we’ll discuss our cross-country trip and the idea behind our next chapter and move.

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