Fake People, The End Times, and The War on Christmas (Ep. 8 of Out of Focus)

Hey guys! It’s the last Out of Focus of 2018! (Subscribe on your favorite podcast app!)

Next week you’ll get mine and my wife’s annual Christmas Carol podcast called You, Me, and Carol, which is gonna be pretty great this year. We watched The Man Who Invented Christmas AKA the origin story of The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It was a really fun film that I recommend you watch before the podcast.

In this episode, I talk to Aaron Fortune who came all the way from Switzerland just to come on the podcast. We talk about Fake Photos of People created by AI, how technology will usher in the End Times, and of course, The War on Christmas that we are all fighting every waking hour.

It’s short but sweet, and Aaron graces us with the lecture series that he has prepared for his students. He’s got some interesting stuff to say concerning how we see tools and how technology fits into religion and the human experience as a whole. Should we take a negative or positive view about where technology is taking us? You’ll hear all this and more in this episode.

As far as the material for this podcast, here’s the article we refer to in the beginning of the episode about fake photos being created by AI. It’s disturbing stuff.

The next canonical episode in the Out of Focus Universe will be out in 2019! Seeya on the flip side!