Starting from Scratch, Creative Discipline, and the Fractured Photo Industry (Episode 6 of Out of Focus)

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Better late than never! Managed to get a guest on this week’s episode despite all the life changes and chaos going on right now. It’s also a plus to have Kelsey come visit, who’s always willing to take part in my various projects.

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On the docket for the rest of 2018: work. (I also hear that Christmas is soon, but who’s to say) By moving from my home of eight years into a completely new city, I’m starting from scratch. I’m rebuilding everything I once built in my photography business from the ground up. At first, doing that was daunting, but I’m enjoying the rush of starting from zero. When I start my 365 projects I always say to myself, “It’s Always Sunny on Day One”. I’m always pumped to start something new, that’s the easy, fun part. It’s Day 50 through Day 250 that will wear you down.

I’ve got a wedding to shoot next week, so it’ll feel good to get out of all this business minutia and just get out and shoot, which is why I do this for a living in the first place.

As far as 2019 goes, I always get ahead of myself getting ready for the next year when I still have a bunch of road left in the year I’m actually in. A lot can get done in a month, so I’m not going to stop and look back at the highlights just yet. I am however, going to do another project next year and I think it will really center on the art of photography and pushing myself technically like I used to when I started down this path 10 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years of this). Kind of along the lines of this whole “starting from scratch” thing. (That said, it probably won’t be a daily project due to the time consuming nature of business-running)

I’m getting the podcast to be actually more photography focused, and in this episode I talk about my experiences in other parts of the photo business and how fractured the photo industry is today. This episode ended up being more of Kelsey interviewing me, which wasn’t planned, but it we ended up going kind of deep into some of my issues with how photography works today.

I’ve noticed that I’ve got some regular listeners out there, and I’m super grateful to you guys. I promise I’ll keep my weekly promise and I’ll try not to release these as late again (as someone who appreciates consistency from my favorite podcasts).

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