Photos of the Day: Anna at a vacated shopping center (Day 170)

If you've ever met me IRL (in real life), you have probably heard my rants about how I don't like when the tail wags the dog. What I mean is that I hate vlogging about vlogging, taking photos about taking photos or photo equipment, etc. The reason is because you don't actually end up create anything in the end, you're just creating stuff about creating and it satisfies the part of your brain making you feel like you did something. (I spent an entire year making videos like this and it made me feel dirty in the end) It's why I hate the subreddit r/photography; it's just a bunch of people talking about cameras but no one actually taking photos. I love gear as much as the next guy, but there's only so many conversations to be had about it. Pick your camera and move on. 

That said, for Day 170 of this year's 365 project, I was guilty of the thing I really don't like. Some days, especially days when I'm working a bunch, sometimes I come up with something to photograph just to say I photographed something. When I do a 365 project, I have documentation in mind, so when I create a scene that actually has no relevance to what we are actually doing, I'm just taking a photo for the sake of taking a photo. If I was risking sounding like pretentious in the first paragraph, hopefully my hypocrisy made up for it. 

My wife, who hates getting her photo taken, has become quite the experienced model over time without even really realizing it. I was struck by her readiness to pose in an almost Pavlovian manner. Almost like I always have my camera and could strike at any moment, for the past 6 years. Also, she's very pretty so it makes it easy. 

There's I guess a philosophical conversation to be had somewhere in there; I suppose since we actually performed the action of going somewhere to take photos, it was documented, therefore it becomes somewhat of a snake eating it's own tail. The tail wagged the dog, but since it happened and we documented it, there's a loophole to my rant in there somewhere.

Anyway, click through the gallery below (if you click the right side of it, it will move to the next photo):