Becoming a photographer is easier with good friends


Last night my wife and I hung out with Woody and his wife, and I shot this photo as we were walking around in downtown Chattanooga.

You ever get those flashes of deja vu? Well this photo made me felt weird and I didn't know why. Then I realized: photos like this is how I got started in photography. 

I started taking a photo a day back in 2010 or 2011 (it's all getting foggier by the day) and my main source of photos was hanging out with friends. I would get my friends to pose and do weird stuff, all for "the shot".

It's really the best way to learn, and realize you have good friends who are willing to put up with this sort of nonsense. I couldn't do any of this stuff without the incredible friends I've had over the years.

one of my first ones

one of my first ones

Day 320.jpg
Day 359.jpg
Day 32.jpg

Going through these old photos, I realize that I could make an infinite post of these and I've left about one billion people out. I'm incredibly grateful for all the help over the past eight years, even when I want to do some fring-y, weird photo thing that ends up totally failing (I just flipped through a bunch of those). 

Wow, I'm tearing up a bit. It really is hard to describe how much it all means to me.